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So you want to know about John Attlee?

Stroke in April 1999

I suffer with a stroke in April 1999 and I started with Swedish which was not that good but I started to speak English and it was a little bit better. I can speak a bit Swedish (I understand Swedish 100%!!) and more English so the English language is better for the moment and the text is now mainly in English!

You can see more about the AFASI-Riksförbundet and the STROKE-Riksförbundet (both in Swedish) to give you an idea what is wrong with me!!.

Amateur Radio

My life as G8DOS, G0ATT, SM7FZD and SM6FZD!

I have been interested in Amateur Radio ever since I was a young kid. As I got into my teenage years my lack of income meant that I had to get a Amateur Radio on a very tight budget. That's why I had to buy parts and put them together myself.

I am a licenced radio amateur and was first licenced in England in 1966 and had the callsign G8DOS VHF (2M and 70CM) then I moved to Malmö in southern Sweden where I obtained a reciprocal licence and the call SM7FZD. Then I got a full HF licence with the callsign G0ATT in English and Sweden the callsign SM7FZD. I moved to Gotherburg (Göteborg) in 1980 and the callsign became SM6FZD. Now I go QRT.


  • Torslanda near Gothenburg on the Swedish West Coast.


I have been interested in Computers more than 40 years!. I did some computer training on big computers in 1967 but small computer I learn myself. I learned in the days before information was freely available on the internet from sites like this one.

Here is a picture of me hard at work at home in Torslanda, Sweden:

Too much time on a Computer or Amateur Radio makes my brain go numb.


I hope you find the site informative and useful.

Best regards

John www.attlee.se

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